AskOtago uses AND as the default for searches. This means that if you search for ‘grade point average’ the top results will be answers that contain all three words.


While you can search by a question, searching by keywords will return more focused results.

E.g. Searching for ‘date apply to graduate’ is better than What date do I need to have applied to graduate by?

Narrow your search

Select products and categories from the drop-down menus to narrow your search.

To exclude words

Use a minus (-) symbol before a word to exclude documents containing that word. E.g. Type timetable -clash to find documents that contain the word timetable but not clash.

Use uncommon words

Use uncommon words to retrieve documents with more focused results.

Complex expression

Use an asterisk (*) after the initial letters of the word to find alternative word endings e.g. mine* will find mines, miner, mineralogy, minerals...

Word stemming

All search techniques search for different word forms such as singular, plural, or different verb tenses. Example: Search for reflect to find documents that contain reflection, reflections, reflected, reflecting or reflects.