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  1. Research proposals for PhD Study The content and structure of research proposals will depend on the requirements of your department. Talk with your proposed supervisor or Head of Department to find out what they expect. Further... Staff login required Last updated: 31/07/2020 02.25 PM
  2. Emails displaying non-Latin characters instead of Māori macrons You need to change the default character set in your email client to UTF-8 so that macrons will display correctly. Outlook 2013/2016: Click the File tab in the top left corner and select Options on... Staff login required Last updated: 13/08/2020 03.07 PM
  3. Result listed as Fail If you have Fail listed as a result for a particular paper without an associated grade (e.g. Fail D or Fail E ), it could be for a number of reasons. An ungraded Fail result may be given if you have... Staff login required Last updated: 30/07/2020 11.41 AM
  4. International student studying Master's of Physiotherapy To be considered for any of the postgraduate programmes in physiotherapy at Otago you must meet the following requirements: Hold a recognised bachelor's degree in physiotherapy or physical therapy... Staff login required Last updated: 08/07/2020 02.55 PM
  5. Master's programme extensions Updated Please refer to the important information on the COVID-19 website first - some will apply to Master's students: COVID-19 information for graduate research candidates If you need to request an... Staff login required Last updated: 27/11/2020 09.50 AM
  6. Preparation exams in Examplify Two types of mandatory ExamSoft preparation exams will be available if you are a student sitting a specified papers in Semester 2, 2020 (see the related answer: Papers with an ExamSoft digital... Staff login required Last updated: 30/09/2020 10.03 AM
  7. Changing citizenship or permanent residency details Updated To change your citizenship or permanent residency details, you need to supply the University with an original or correctly certified (witnessed/notarised) copy of documents to support the change. If... Staff login required Last updated: 20/11/2020 01.48 PM
  8. Support for Office 365  Please see the Office 365 blog to find out about getting Office 365  and information about the applications: Office 365 @ University of Otago There are a range of training materials... Staff login required Last updated: 03/09/2020 03.05 PM
  9. Confirming exam submission in Blackboard When you submit your exam in Blackboard, you will see a confirmation screen to let you know it was successfully submitted. The screen will include the time and date of submission. If you do not see... Staff login required Last updated: 20/10/2020 11.58 AM
  10. Course outlines and prescriptions Updated You can find details for individual papers from the current academic year online. For additional information, or to request detailed course outlines for papers taken in previous years, contact the... Staff login required Last updated: 19/11/2020 10.28 AM