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  1. iPhone using too much mobile data You can stop your iPhone itself from using mobile data, but you cannot stop some apps from accessing the internet and not others. Closing any apps that run in the background should help decrease your... Staff login required Last updated: 18/03/2022
  2. Getting login details for eVision To be able to log in to eVision, you will need to have an eVision account: Creating your eVision account Once your account is set up, your eVision login details will be sent to the email address you... Staff login required Last updated: 13/10/2021
  3. Installing Adobe Creative Cloud/Acrobat Pro For more information about Adobe Creative Cloud (or Adobe CC ) and how to request access, see the related answer: Adobe Creative Cloud Installing the Adobe Creative Cloud app (Windows) Go to the... Staff login required Last updated: 22/11/2021
  4. Emails from @otago.ac.nz email addresses not being received If you're using one of the following providers you may encounter issues with receiving emails from @otago.ac.nz addresses. Hotmail Log into your Hotmail/Outlook.com account. Click on Settings... Staff login required Last updated: 10/11/2021
  5. Submitting an assignment or exam in Blackboard Your lecturer or tutor may ask you to submit your assignment (exam, essay, report, project, etc.) using Blackboard. If your department provides specific instructions for how to submit an assignment... Staff login required Last updated: 20/10/2021
  6. Setting up Thunderbird mail for Microsoft 365 post-migration Once your staff mailbox has been migrated to Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), you will need to set up your staff email in your Thunderbird email client on your computer. Thunderbird is... Staff login required Last updated: 22/11/2021
  7. Sharing a contact list or contact group in Outlook If you have created a local contact list/group in Outlook and need to share it with other users, you can attach and send it via an email using the following method: Sending a local contact list/group... Staff login required Last updated: 17/11/2021
  8. Troubleshooting PDF viewing issues in Blackboard If you are having trouble viewing PDF s in Blackboard (either the whole PDF doesn’t load, or only the first page loads), try the following options: Option 1 If PDF documents don't load completely and... Staff login required Last updated: 01/04/2022
  9. Student printing at Otago If you’re new to printing at Otago, follow the steps below: Step 1: Get your student ID card If you haven't already got your student ID card, you should do that right away. Along with all the other... Staff login required Last updated: 30/03/2022
  10. Troubleshooting Examplify The Examplify application is available for download from the ExamSoft portal: https://ui.examsoft.io/login?institutioncode=otago Log in using your student email address (for example... Staff login required Last updated: 04/05/2022