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  1. Sending mail to a Uni Flat While you're living in a University Flat, any important mail and packages should be addressed to you and sent care of Uni Flats using the following address: Your Name c/o University of Otago Flats... Staff login required Last updated: 04/08/2021
  2. Locked out or lost keys in Uni Flat If you need access to your Uni Flat, contact the University Flats office, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm. Contact University Flats For after-hours assistance, visit the Campus Watch 24-Hour Control... Staff login required Last updated: 20/07/2021
  3. Uni Flats bond/deposit A deposit of NZ$500.00 is required to hold your room until your arrival. It will need to be paid within 10 days after your offer. The deposit is only applicable for semester 1 each year and will be... Staff login required Last updated: 22/07/2021
  4. Getting access to a Uni Flat There is 24/7 access available to pick up your flat keys — no matter what time you arrive in Dunedin, just go directly to the Uni Flats office located at 109 St David Street. During busy arrival... Staff login required Last updated: 22/07/2021
  5. Uni Flats internet access Each University Flat is supplied with an ultra-fast broadband service that doesn't require a telephone number (commonly referred to as "naked DSL "). You and your flatmates will be given the... Staff login required Last updated: 22/07/2021
  6. Term of the Residence Agreement for Uni Flats The term of your Residence Agreement accommodation contract is: Semester 1, 2021 8:30am, 7 January 2021 – 10:00am, 24 June 2021 (24 weeks) Semester 2, 2021 8:30am, 3 July 2021 – 10:00am, 18 December... Staff login required Last updated: 22/07/2021