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  1. Choosing a residential college The best college for you at the University of Otago is the one that suits your individual needs and preferences. Otago has 14 residential colleges on the Dunedin campus, each with their own... Staff login required Last updated: 02/10/2020 03.38 PM
  2. Cost to live in Uni Flats The residential fees for University Flats are listed on the University Flats website: Price range for flats The price includes the cost of your room, internet, electricity, Uni Flats community events... Staff login required Last updated: 15/09/2020 02.17 PM
  3. Residential college applications Updated You start the process of applying for a residential college through eVision. You will need to select your qualification first then click Apply Now to register. You only need to complete one... Staff login required Last updated: 12/01/2021 02.59 PM
  4. Parking and transport around Dunedin campus Dunedin is very easy to get around, and most places you’re likely to go are either in walking or cycling distance, or accessible by bus. Public transport Dunedin has a good public transport system... Staff login required Last updated: 21/10/2020 11.27 AM
  5. Sending mail to a Uni Flat While you're living in a Uni Flat, any important mail and packages should be addressed to you and sent care of University Flats, using the following address: Your Name c/- University of Otago Flats... Staff login required Last updated: 28/04/2020 11.45 AM
  6. Preferred choice of residential colleges You make one application indicating your three preferred residential colleges. Your application is initially forwarded to your first preference. If they are unable to make you an offer it will be... Staff login required Last updated: 14/09/2020 03.16 PM
  7. Offer received wasn't for preferred choice of residential college Updated Since all of the residential colleges offer similar facilities and a high standard of pastoral care, we recommend that you accept any offer received, even if it isn't from your preferred college. You... Staff login required Last updated: 15/01/2021 01.06 PM
  8. Residential college fees University of Otago residential colleges offer a huge choice in accommodation, with fully catered, high-tech facilities and outstanding pastoral care and academic support. Information about fees... Staff login required Last updated: 14/10/2020 10.53 AM
  9. University Flats (Uni Flats) Uni Flats are houses or flats that are managed and maintained by the University of Otago Accommodation team. They are all very close to campus, and allow international students to live with greater... Staff login required Last updated: 23/10/2020 11.13 AM
  10. Accommodation options at Otago There are various accommodation options available to you while studying at Otago, including: Residential colleges (mainly for first-year students) University-managed houses/flats (preferred option... Staff login required Last updated: 14/09/2020 03.13 PM