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  1. Recycled equipment for personal use Recycled items from the E-waste & E-cycle Centre are available for personal or non-University use if not required by departments. Priority is given to students, schools, and community groups... Staff login required Last updated: 23/04/2020 03.21 PM
  2. COVID-19 updates The University of Otago has a dedicated website for the latest updates on the coronavirus COVID-19: Latest COVID-19 update Staff login required Last updated: 27/07/2020 11.37 AM
  3. Deleted files in Syncplicity Syncplicity Sync & Share stores copies of your deleted files for up to 90 days. Syncplicity doesn't delete or overwrite files but just moves them to the Recycle Bin. If you delete a file on one... Staff login required Last updated: 28/04/2020 11.57 AM
  4. Purchasing University of Otago merchandise You can purchase University of Otago memorabilia, clothing, and branded merchandise via the  University of Otago Online Shop  or from one of two locations on the Dunedin campus: The... Staff login required Last updated: 09/10/2020 11.58 AM
  5. File recovery information for students It is very important to regularly save and back up your files in more than one place. However you can occasionally find yourself in a position where you've lost a file and you need to get it back... Staff login required Last updated: 28/04/2020 03.26 PM
  6. About UniCrew volunteering Updated UniCrew is a volunteer programme run by the Social Impact Studio (previously the Volunteer Centre) which connects students with social impact opportunities. UniCrew Volunteers have the... Staff login required Last updated: 06/11/2020 10.31 AM