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  1. Cost of student internet access There is no additional cost while you are studying at University of Otago. Internet use is included in the sundry fee component of your University of Otago tuition costs. Staff login required Last updated: 15/04/2020 04.50 PM
  2. Internet Usage Policy The University of Otago Internet Usage Policy exists to ensure that your information and the information systems that you use are protected from malicious internet activity. The policy applies to... Staff login required Last updated: 17/02/2021 11.00 AM
  3. Student Desktop/Staff Desktop internet access You will have the same level of internet access as you normally would from a University student computer when you use the Student Desktop/Staff Desktop. Staff login required Last updated: 08/03/2021 09.27 AM
  4. Wireless access for students Updated At first glance wireless/Wi-Fi at the University of Otago can look quite daunting with many networks to choose from. The information below will help you connect to the right network for your current... Staff login required Last updated: 31/03/2021 03.14 PM
  5. Accessing eduroam at Otago Students visiting Otago If you are enrolled at a different university and being hosted at the University of Otago as a visiting student you can connect to the University network with your Otago... Staff login required Last updated: 27/08/2020 02.18 PM
  6. Uni Flats internet access Each University Flat is supplied with an ultra-fast broadband service that doesn't require a telephone number (commonly referred to as "naked DSL"). You and your flatmates will be given the... Staff login required Last updated: 02/03/2021 03.51 PM
  7. Using Syncplicity Sync & Share with only one computer You can still use Syncplicity Sync & Share if you don't require synchronising between multiple computers/devices: Syncplicity Sync & Share keeps master copies of any files or folders on your... Staff login required Last updated: 15/04/2020 10.45 AM
  8. iPhone using too much mobile data You can stop your iPhone itself from using mobile data, but you cannot stop some apps from accessing the internet and not others. Closing any apps that run in the background should help decrease your... Staff login required Last updated: 01/03/2021 01.15 PM
  9. Using gaming consoles/smart home devices in residential colleges Updated The University of Otago's wireless/Wi-Fi network is a WPA2- enterprise network so any device connecting to this network must be capable of using this protocol. This means you will not be... Staff login required Last updated: 19/04/2021 08.47 AM
  10. Installing and connecting to AnyConnect VPN The University of Otago VPN (Virtual Private Network) service allows you secure access to University electronic services and databases as if you were using the staff network on campus. Do you need to... Staff login required Last updated: 22/01/2021 11.33 AM