Course approval is the third part of course enrolment, which is completed through eVision and is made up of the following:

Once you've selected the papers you wish to study, you need to submit your course for review and approval by University staff to ensure that it meets the requirements for your chosen programme.

Selecting papers

To submit your papers for course approval:

  1. Log in to eVision and click on My Programmes and papers.
  2. Click the plus sign to expand your programme.
  3. Click Course enrolment.
  4. Select your papers then Continue until you get to the Review and submit page.
  5. Select the Submit button at the bottom of the page. If you're unable to select the button or it is greyed out, you have not completed all of the steps. Scroll up and check whether there are any orange circles with Complete this step next to them. Complete these steps, then Submit.

You will be notified via your eVision portal once your course has been approved, or if there are any changes which need to be made. Once your course has been approved, the final step in your enrolment is to complete the course enrolment declaration.

Course enrolment declaration

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