Grade Point Averages (GPA) are automatically calculated based on each student's confirmed paper results at Otago (credit transferred from other institutions is excluded as this does not have grades attaches to it). An annual GPA is calculated based on results for all papers taken in a specific year. A GPA is also calculated for all papers at each level, and a cumulative GPA is calculated for all results to date.

The University of Otago uses a nine-point scale for calculating the GPA value. A numerical value is assigned to each letter grade and the weighted average calculated (taking into account differing credits/points values of papers). Values are assigned to grades as follows:

Grade Description GPA value
AE A+ Distinction 9
A+ A+ 9
A A 8
A- A- 7
B+ B+ 6
B B 5
B- B- 4
C+ C+ 3
C C 2
C- C- 1
D D 0
DS Disqualified 0
E E 0
FC Failed compulsory assessment 0
FD Fail D 0
FE Fail E 0
FT Failed Terms 0

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Example calculation

A student has taken three papers in 2017:

  • Paper A (18 points) result = B
  • Paper B (18 points) result = A+
  • Paper C (36 points) result = FD

The student had previously taken two papers in 2016:

  • Paper D (18 points) result = B
  • Paper E (18 points) result = A+

2017 GPA: ((5x18)+(9x18)+(0x36)) / (18+18+36) = 3.5

2016 GPA: ((5x18)+(9x18)) / (18+18) = 7.0

Cumulative GPA: ((5x18)+(9x18)+(0x30)+(5x18)+(9x18)) / (18+18+36+18+18) = 4.7 (rounded to one decimal place)

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Current or past Otago students can view their own GPAs in their eVision student portal under My programme and papers by clicking the View your academic record link. A specific GPA calculator for scholarship purposes can also be found on the Graduate Research School website:

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator for Scholarship Purposes

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