On the day of your graduation:

  1. Report to the assembly area, in your academic dress, 1 hour and 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony so you can be arranged in the correct order for the ceremony. You must ensure you arrive on time to guarantee that you can take part in the ceremony.
    The assembly area is in the Dunedin Centre, adjacent to the Dunedin Town Hall. Access is via the Glenroy Auditorium entrance located on Harrop Street.
  2. To ensure you're put in the correct order, wear the numbered sticker that was issued with your guest tickets on the left side of your gown until just before you go up on the stage. A staff member will remove it before you cross the stage.
  3. You'll be seated about 40 minutes before the ceremony begins.
  4. Guests should be seated no later than 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
  5. Members of the Council, academic staff, and others associated with the University enter in procession at the beginning of the ceremony and take their places.
  6. The Chancellor and a Māori orator welcome those present and state the purpose of the ceremony. The National Anthem is sung in Māori and English.
  7. The names of graduands are announced. You'll be led to the side of the stage. As your name is called, you will move forward (trencher held in the left hand) and stand immediately in front of and facing the Chancellor.
  8. The Chancellor confers your degree by holding a special trencher over your head and shaking your hand.
  9. Put on your trencher and receive your diplomas from the Registrar, before leaving the stage by the stairs at the far end to return to where you were sitting (although not necessarily the same seat).

Your trencher should be worn for the remainder of the ceremony.

In cases other than the conferring of a degree, you will be handed your diploma after receiving the Chancellor's congratulations.

The Graduation Address is followed by the singing of Gaudeamus, then staff will leave the Town Hall in procession, after which you will be free to depart.

At a Graduation Ceremony

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