In most papers (but not all), if you have completed course work satisfactorily but have failed to pass the paper concerned, you may apply for Final Examination Only enrolment. This means that you can sit the examination at the end of the next teaching period that the paper is offered, but you’re not entitled to attend teaching sessions. The result for the Final Examination Only enrolment will display on your transcript against the new offering, which will be marked with the abbreviation "FEO". The fail result from when the paper was first attempted will remain on your transcript, recorded against the initial paper enrolment.

This concession is granted only once for a particular paper, and only for the teaching period in which the paper is offered next, except that it may be attempted earlier if the paper concerned is offered in Summer School. There is a fee payable if an application is approved. The current fee for FEO is NZ$93.00 per paper.

Final Examination Only enrolments are not taken into account in any consideration of your status as full-time or part-time.

Please note that students approved for Final Examination Only enrolment are not entitled to:

  • Attend any lectures, laboratories, or tutorials
  • Receive assistance from academic staff
  • Have access to electronic holdings of course material
  • Receive printed course material

Application forms are available at the AskOtago Central Hub in the Information Services Building or may be downloaded from the Final Examination Only website.

Further information and application form

Final Examination Only

Application due dates

  • Summer School papers: 10 January
  • Semester 1 and full-year papers: 1 March
  • Semester 2 papers: 31 July
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