Each paper you take at Otago has a points value where one point generally represents 10 hours of work for an average student wishing to achieve an average grade. A full-time course is generally between 54 and 72 points in any one semester or 108 and 144 points in any one year.

As a guide, based on an 18-point paper, this usually works out to a minimum of 14 hours' work per paper per week. "Work" is made up of formal contact time (lectures, tutorials, laboratories, etc.), and independent study (studying, revision, assignments, reading, etc.).

Most students take 108 to 126 points per year. Very able students may take up to 144 points annually with the load spread as evenly as possible across both semesters.

University regulations limit the maximum workload to 162 points across a full year (excluding Summer School) with no more than 90 points being taken in any one semester.

Summer School

You cannot enrol for more than 36 points during Summer School.

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