A Certificate of Proficiency (COP) is a term that covers a type of enrolment and is not a formal academic qualification. It is used to describe a paper which is not being credited towards a particular qualification e.g.

  • An additional paper surplus to degree requirements, or
  • A paper being repeated in the hope of gaining a higher grade, or
  • A paper being taken to complete a degree at another institution

The COP is approved by StudyLink for student loans or allowances as long as you meet their criteria.

You can apply to enrol in two types of COP:

Certificate of Proficiency—General Otago

For the general study of papers at Otago which are additional to the requirements of your degree or diploma.

Certificate of Proficiency—Other NZ university

For students intending to credit their Otago study to another university in New Zealand.

Further information

Certificate of Proficiency—Undergraduate (COP)
Certificate of Proficiency—Postgraduate (COP)

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