The Proctor's Office is responsible for a number of roles throughout the University with the emphasis on safety of students and staff, and maintaining a healthy learning environment for all.

One of the Proctor's main roles is to work closely with the police and local authorities in fostering the unique town/gown relationship which exists in Dunedin as it relates to student behaviour. Since the Proctor is responsible for managing the student Code of Conduct, students who get up to mischief around the city are likely to end up before the Proctor.

The Proctor's Office is responsible for the security of all plant and buildings and allowing access to teaching buildings.

The Proctor operates an "open door" policy and welcomes enquiries, questions, and requests for information and advice on all matters relating to their area of responsibility (and a few that are not!)

Contact details for Campus Watch:

For all emergencies call 0800 479 5000 or +64 3 479 5000
For all general enquiries phone +64 3 479 4880 (8am–4pm)

The Proctor's Office, Campus Watch, and the Campus Cop are located in the St David Street Lecture Theatre complex. Entrance is directly from St David Street on the north side of the building (opposite the Centre for Innovation).

Proctor's Office

In response to any emergencies that may arise on campus, emergency services such as police, fire, or ambulance should be called on 111. In addition, Campus Watch should also be contacted so they can assist emergency services. Campus Watch will contact the University of Otago Emergency and Business Continuity Coordinator.The EBCC would manage the emergency from that point onward in accordance with the Emergency Management Policy and Plan.

Arranging a meeting with the Proctor or Deputy Proctor

Contact the Proctor's Office Administrator to arrange an appointment:

Tel +64 3 479 4880

The Proctor is available to see students without an appointment between 8:30am and 10am each business day. This is the best time for students to see the Proctor if they have concerns.

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