STARTup Essentials is a compulsory information session for all students starting at the Pathway (Te Huarahi) and English Language Centre (Te Puna o te Kī). It is held at the Plaza One Building in Dunedin, or online for distance students.

The STARTup Essentials detailed schedule will be emailed to students when they enrol. The schedule includes:

  • Official welcome
  • Meeting key support staff, teachers and your fellow classmates
  • Learning about academic procedures
  • Introduction to essential IT tools
  • Walking tour around campus
  • Obtaining your ID student card
  • Discovering the support services available to you and how to access help
  • Learning about skills for academic success
  • Receiving your timetable

View the Student Handbook for more information about studying at Pathway and English Language Centre:

2022 Pathway and English Language Centre Student Handbook (PDF 2.3MB)

Last updated 02/06/2022 10.58 AM

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