EndNote libraries should not be saved onto OneDrive, or other cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox. An EndNote library contains several files that must be kept together and must be saved in a certain order. Cloud services won't do this correctly, and this risks the library becoming corrupted.

Instead you can sync your EndNote library across devices (and access it online without installing EndNote) via EndNote Web. You can find instructions for syncing your local library to EndNote Web on the support page:

EndNote X6 and later with EndNote online: Using Sync.

If you have saved your EndNote library to OneDrive, or another cloud service, you should move it immediately.

For OneDrive, you can do this using File Explorer (or Finder on a Mac). Some other cloud storage solutions will have integration with your computer file system and these instructions should be relatively the same:

  1. Locate the EndNote library stored in your OneDrive folder.
  2. Select both the .enl file and the .data folder.
  3. Drag them to a new location on the local computer, this will be a folder that is outside of your "OneDrive—University of Otago" folder.

If your library has become corrupted, create a new one on your local computer and sync it to your EndNote Web account. You can then delete the corrupted library.

Last updated 07/12/2021 09.54 AM

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