Since its formation, the University of Otago has had an extensive history of students residing on campus and as the number of students has increased, there has been ongoing demand for student accommodation.

Some existing buildings have been repurposed into student accommodation by the University and others have been purpose-built. These colleges are all operated by University staff, managed through the Te Puna system, and use the same type of services. e.g. the UO_WIFI wireless network.

The affiliated colleges were originally built by Presbyterian and Anglican churches for the provision of spaces for students to live on campus. Some of the affiliated colleges could be considered as historical landmarks in Dunedin as the two colleges of Knox and Selwyn are the two oldest residential colleges in New Zealand, dating back to 1909 and 1893 respectively. These colleges provide their own facilities and services.

Although there are some differences between the two types of colleges, you can be assured that all colleges deliver the same high level of services, facilities, and care to their residents. Below are links to each college webpage for further information.

University-owned residential colleges

University-affiliated residential colleges

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