Resource Booker cannot be used to make bookings for any timetabled teaching activities (e.g. lectures, tutorials, labs). These requests must be made to as this will ensure a suitable room is booked and details made available on student timetables.

Resource Booker replaces the Web Room Booker and emails for making casual room bookings. This includes "pool" (i.e. centrally-managed) lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and laboratories. The system makes locating and booking rooms for meetings quicker as it is the only portal where room availability is visible. Resource Booker also enables requests for resources, such as equipment, where this has been set up by the relevant department.

You can view the room capacity when you are making a booking through Resource Booker. Please note the capacity when social distancing is required will be shown as the reduced capacity.

The implementation of Resource Booker works towards the University’s goal of centralised timetabling for casual room and resource booking, improving administrative efficiency and University space management.

All Otago staff and students have access to Resource Booker, however the resources available are based on permissions—for example, not all departmental spaces are available to staff outside that department, staff cannot book Library study spaces so these will not be visible in the system. Bookings for some rooms require approval from the relevant department while others will be automatically approved.

Rooms managed through Outlook calendars are currently not included in the Resource Booker project. It is anticipated this will be a future enhancement.

Using Resource Booker

Log in to Resource Booker
Resource Booker FAQ and User Guide

Staff and students should log into Resource Booker with their University username and password.

Access levels in Resource Booker

You can check which resources you have access to on your Resource Booker Profile page. If you require access to a particular resource not listed on your Profile page, contact your manager, who can then lodge a request with AskOtago IT.

Last updated 07/06/2022 04.32 PM

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