You should cancel your Otago application through eVision.

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If you have made an application or received an offer then you will find information in the related answer:

Cancelling an application for study

Papers already selected

If you've selected papers, you'll need to go back into paper selection and remove these before cancelling your programme:

  1. Go to Programmes and papers, select the relevant programme, and click the Change papers link.
  2. Select the grey rubbish bin next to each paper.
  3. Delete each paper and then submit by clicking the green Continue button.

You will now be able to cancel your programme via the Programmes and papers section. Select the relevant programme, and click the Cancel enrolment link.

Note: If you have selected the Health Science First Year programme you will need to send an email to stating that you would like to cancel your enrolment.

If you've been course approved

If your course of study has been approved and your declaration is available, you can decline your declaration for study. Once you have declined your course of study, you will need to delete your papers and then select the Cancel enrolment link.

If your course of study has been approved, but your declaration is not available, you'll need to contact the University to request that your application be cancelled by completing the Submit a question form:

Submit a question

If you have declared

If you have accepted your enrolment declaration you will need to remove papers through Change of Course in eVision.

You will need to do this prior to the relevant deletion deadlines to ensure you receive any refunds due.

Applying again in the future

If you haven't studied at Otago before and you choose to cancel your enrolment, you will retain access to eVision with your current login details.

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