All student enquiries about online learning in semester 2 2021 received by a department will be directed to AskOtago:

Contact AskOtago

The expectation is that all students who are enrolled in courses that are being delivered on campus will be on campus for those courses in semester 2 2021.

Arrangements for exceptions to this are available for:

Course advice

If you are unsure you’re doing the right course, are considering a change, or simply want to check in with someone, talking with an experienced student adviser can help get you on a track that is right for you:

Request an appointment with a student adviser

Changing your course

If you know the change you would like to make, you can find out your next steps online. For semester 2, making changes to your course will be done in eVIsion—no standing in queues or getting pieces of paper signed by departments:

Changing your course

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