Licence types

Main Office/Microsoft 365 licence

A1: 50GB mailbox, Office web applications, Teams access.
A3: As for A1, 100GB mailbox, can install Office 365 Desktop Applications.
A5: As for A3, Power BI, Teams phone system, compliance and mail security features.

Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS)

EMS provides security features including our rights to use “conditional access”, an Office 365 feature that allows us to apply additional requirements for access to services—for example, we can request multi-factor authentication under specific conditions, such as when a sign-in is considered to be high risk.

We licence EMS E3 & E5 and use EMS E5 licensing with Office 365 A5 licencing. Other licence types get an EMS E3 licence.

Project and Visio

These licences must be purchased per user and can be requested via the Software Request Form. Search for the 365 version.

Who do we licence?


All current students should be licenced with an Office/Microsoft 365 A3 licence.
Non-current students should retain an Office/Microsoft 365 A1 licence.


All current staff should be licenced with an Office/Microsoft A1 licence or greater.
Most current staff have an Office 365 A3 or A5 licence.

External users

Most External users have an Office 365 A1 licence.
If External users require Project or Visio and the University is providing this, they will also need an A3 licence.

Last updated 18/03/2022 11.00 AM

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