When you submit your exam in Blackboard, you will see a confirmation screen to let you know it was successfully submitted. The screen will include the time and date of submission. If you do not see this screen, please check the exam to make sure it has been submitted—it may have just been saved.

We recommend that you don’t refresh your page, or open any further tabs, until you see the confirmation screen (with larger files, this may take a while). Turnitin will display a receipt upon successful submission; you should keep a copy of this by either taking a screenshot or clicking Print and saving as a PDF.

Blackboard Assignments will send you an email to confirm that the submission was received. Please wait until you receive this before going to another page or tab or closing Blackboard.

If you are submitting your exam via email, make sure the email address you are sending it to is correct. The email address will be provided with your exam. To confirm that your emailed exam has been received, contact your department.

When you submit an assignment file to a Blackboard or Turnitin Direct assignment, they should wait until confirmation of successful submission is displayed on screen and take a screenshot before leaving or refreshing the page. If the file is very large or their internet connection slow, this could take some time.

Blackboard Assignments

After clicking the Submit button, the Upload Assignment page does not change at all until the file upload has finished, which for very large files or over slow connections may take some time. With small files, the pause is usually only momentary.

Example: in a test upload of a 10MB file from off-campus, the webpage was static for about 35 secs after clicking Submit:

A screenshot of the Assignment submission page in Blackboard.

It is important that you wait until confirmation of successful submission is displayed (see below). Until it is, you should not refresh the page, go to another site, or close the browser tab, as there is no obvious indication that the upload is progressing:

A screenshot showing successful assignment submission in Blackboard.

You will also receive a confirmation email once the submission has gone through:

Confirmation email screenshot

Turnitin Direct Assignments in Blackboard

It is important that you wait until confirmation of receipt is displayed after clicking the Submit Paper button:

A screenshot of the Turnitin confirmation of receipt page

Turnitin does indicate that the submission is underway in the interim (second screenshot below). However, submission times tend to be a little longer with Turnitin Assignments than Blackboard Assignments:

Turnitin submitting in progress screenshot

See an example of a Turnitin submission confirmation screen below. You don't receive a confirmation email:

A screenshot of the Turnitin submission confirmation screen showing paper successfully submitted.

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