If your paper has an ExamSoft digital exam you will need to access the ExamSoft portal to download the Examplify app which is used to sit the exam.

  1. Go to the ExamSoft website (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers to use)

    Login screen at the ExamSoft website
  2. Click on the green Login button, and this will redirect you to a Microsoft sign in page.

    Microsoft signin screen
  3. Enter your University of Otago student email address and click Next.

    Microsoft signin screen with student email address
  4. This window will appear while you are redirected to the University of Otago’s sign-on page:

    Microsoft redirection screen
  5. On the Office 365 logon page, click the radio button beside Student Login (the circle will turn black), then enter your University student email address and associated password.

    University login screen
  6. Click the Sign in button. You will see the ExamSoft homepage with the link to download Examplify.

    The ExamSoft dashboard

If at any time you receive a message saying "Sorry, we couldn’t connect to your school’s login page", you will need to clear the cookies and cache in your web browser in order to allow the authentication process to successfully log you in:

Clearing browser cache/cookies

If this is not successful, try restarting your computer, then logging in again.

If you require any further assistance with this process, please contact AskOtago:

Freephone 0800 80 80 98 (within New Zealand)
Tel +64 3 479 7000
Enquiry form
Email university@otago.ac.nz
Chat with an AskOtago Service Representative

Further information

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