The Examplify application being used for ExamSoft digital exams ensures that students are unable to breach academic integrity requirements during exams by disabling functions on the computer that allow a user to access information, such as the internet or information held on the computer.

This disabling function can be detected by anti-virus programs as a threat and your anti-virus may prevent Examplify from being opened, or, result in undesirable computer behaviour during an exam that could affect your ability to take the exam.

ExamSoft recommends that Examplify users (students and staff) manually disable their anti-virus application just prior to the exam, then re-enable it straight away afterwards so that the computer is not put at risk.

See the ExamSoft website for instructions on how to disable and re-enable the most popular anti-virus applications:

Disabling Anti-Virus Software

University-owned machines, including loan machines, should already have Sophos anti-virus installed:

Disabling Sophos AntiVirus

Be sure to re-enable your antivirus following each exam.

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