One 18 point paper (0.15 EFTS) at Summer School is regarded by StudyLink as a full-time course for loans and allowances purposes (excluding the one week exam period). However not all papers are 18 points. Summer School Law papers are 15 points (0.1 EFTS) so students may need to take two papers to be considered full-time with StudyLink if their main enrolment period is not confirmed at the same time.

Please note that Summer School EFTS may count towards StudyLink’s assessment of a student’s full-time status across the full academic year, depending on the way in which the student’s application or applications cover their study periods. It is best to check with StudyLink whether or not this is the case in your individual circumstances.


International students are not eligible for StudyLink loans and allowances.

Last updated 09/09/2021 01.58 PM

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