If you need to add your signature to PDF documents, you can create and add an electronic signature as follows:

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

  1. Check if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed on your computer. If not, download and install the free application:

    Please ensure that you untick the boxes for "Yes, install the free McAfee Security Scan Plus..." and "Yes, install McAfee Safe Connect..." This is because McAfee is not an anti-virus program recommended by the University.
    For more information see the related answer Installing and using anti-virus software

  2. Open the file that you need to "sign" in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Make sure that’s not shared and is not security-protected.

    Some PDFs may be "locked" against the ability to be signed. If you have been provided a file for signing but the options above are not available, contact the person that provided the file in the first instance.

  3. Click the Fill & Sign button on the right-hand side. This will make the Fill & Sign toolbar appear at the top of the window. In some versions of Acrobat the Sign The Sign icon in Acrobat icon will already be visible in the toolbar. If you can't see it, click on the Edit The Edit icon in Acrobat icon, then the Fill & Sign The Fill & Sign icon in Acrobat icon.
  4. Click on Sign The Sign icon in Acrobat on the toolbar, then Add Signature.
  5. Choose the method you would like to set up your signature:
    • Draw — use a mouse or touchscreen to draw your signature
    • Image — write your signature on a piece of paper and scan/photograph it to have it converted into a signature — see instructions for how to do this below
    • Type — type your name and it is converted to a signature automatically (this won’t look like your normal signature)
  6. Position your signature where you would like it on the line and then click Apply to save the signature.
  7. When you need to sign a document, you can click the Sign button at the top of the page, you will now see the signature you created previously and you can add it into the document that needs to be signed.

Scanning a signature on a MFD departmental printer

Write your signature on a blank piece of paper, scan and send it to your email address, then save the file for use in Acrobat.

When scanning and sending on the printer, you need to scan it as an image, not as a PDF. To do this:

  1. Log in to the printer and go to the Scan and Send option from the main menu.
  2. Click the button where it says PDF (Compact):

    Scan and Send on a multi-function device printer
  3. Click on the JPEG button then click OK.

    File Format options on a multi-function device printer
  4. Click the Send to Myself button, then the big green button on the printer to scan and send.
  5. Once the file has been received as an attachment in your email, Save it to your computer. You will need to open it in Paint or another image editing program to crop out any background that you don’t want.
  6. Once cropped, the image should be ready to upload into Acrobat to use as a signature.

Preview (macOS)

  1. Open the PDF file in Preview.
  2. Click on the Markup menu. The button has a toolbox icon on it.
  3. Once the Markup Toolbar is open, click the Sign button. Look for the icon that resembles a signature.
  4. Choose the method you would like to use to set up your signature:
    • Trackpad — use a mouse, trackpad, tablet, or pen to draw your signature. Click Done once you are satisfied with your signature.
    • Camera — take a blank piece of white paper and sign it. Hold this up to your webcam and line up your signature with the blue line. Once it’s lined up, click Done to capture your signature.
  5. Now, when you click the Sign button you should be able to add your signature to a document.
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