What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) is an online suite of applications which includes office productivity, email, file storage, collaboration tools, and other specialist applications. It also allows staff to download Office applications (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) to both their work and their personally-owned computers.

Staff will have access to the following Microsoft 365 applications:

  • Microsoft Office tools: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher
  • Microsoft Teams: a collaborative personal workspace that includes videoconferencing and instant messaging communication
  • OneDrive: one terabyte of online storage
  • OneNote: digital notebook

Accessing Microsoft 365

All staff members who have an actively used otago.ac.nz email address have a licence to access the Microsoft 365 suite for work and home. All University of Otago students are already using Microsoft 365.


All University Staff mailboxes have been migrated to Microsoft 365. Continue to use your email client (Outlook preferred) as currently set up, or Outlook Web App to access your email.

Signing in to Microsoft 365 online for the first time

  1. Open a new web browser session with no other tabs running. There is no need to use the University's VPN service to access Microsoft 365 online.
  2. Sign in to Office.com
  3. When you sign in to Microsoft 365, you will be asked to provide your work email address (for example james.bond@otago.ac.nz). When Microsoft detects your Otago email address, it will redirect you to the University's secure web-based login service. Enter your University username and password here.
  4. If your first sign-in is:

Once this is done, you will be logged into the main Microsoft Office online portal. From here you can run web-based Office applications and collaborate with your colleagues.

Downloading Microsoft 365 to your computer or mobile device

If the computer you are now working on doesn’t have Office/Microsoft 365 installed on it already and you would like to download the applications to use directly on your computer, watch the video below for instructions:

How to Download and Install Office 365 Apps on PC or Mac

Sign in to Office.com and you will see a link on your homepage to install Office. If you already have Office 2016 or newer on your machine, there is no need to install Microsoft 365.

There are Microsoft 365 apps in both the Apple and Android app stores that will run various Office tools on your mobile devices.

Putting your work files into Microsoft 365 OneDrive or Teams sites

ITS suggest that as soon as you have logged in to Microsoft 365 for the first time, move any critical files you might need over the upcoming months into it. You can either upload them:

Into OneDrive (if they are primarily for your use), or
To your Department Teams site if they are for shared access

You can also create a Teams site for your immediate work team or to collaborate with colleagues across the University.

You can still use Syncplicity Sync & Share to access files easily from home by logging in via a web browser.

Further information

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