Entrance Scholarships are not normally available to those who have studied more than 0.4 EFTS at any University or tertiary institution at degree-level or higher. However, this does not apply if the University papers studied were undertaken whilst still enrolled in secondary school.

If you have not previously studied at degree-level or higher then you may apply, as long as you meet other eligibility criteria:

Entrance Scholarships—Eligibility

You can also refer to the individual criteria for each Scholarship you wish to be considered for:

Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

Contact the Entrance Scholarships team to find out more:

Freephone 0800 80 80 98 (within New Zealand)
Tel +64 3 479 7000
Email entrance.scholarships@otago.ac.nz

Last updated 15/06/2022 04.56 PM

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