Effective onboarding of new staff (also known as induction) is a crucial part of making new employees feel welcomed and valued in their new role. It begins from the moment they accept their new position, and continues for up to three months after they have started in the job.

The online RedCarpet system is used to support onboarding at Otago. Induction checklist documents are available for campuses outside of Dunedin:

Induction checklist documents

The RedCarpet onboarding system provides the new employee, and all staff and areas involved when they start work at Otago, with a set of tailored tasks to complete. These tasks are based on induction checklists and ensure that all pertinent information is supplied to the appropriate people, as well as to the employee. The tasks are delivered through an online portal and need to be completed by specific dates. The portal also contains information and videos relevant to the employee's new role:

Using the Onboarding System

If you are an existing staff member needing to log in to RedCarpet, you will need to click on the "Click here to log in using your network id" link and use your University credentials to log in, rather than entering your credentials on the main SilkRoad RedCarpet login page.

If you need help logging in or using RedCarpet, contact your HR Administrator:

HR Administrators (Shared Services)

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