Your tuition fee account is adjusted based on the changes you make to your course. If you've already paid your tuition fees (other than by government student loan), and the change results in a refund, the University will refund you the credit balance. If the change results in you owing additional tuition fees, you will be invoiced for the additional amount.

If your tuition fees are paid by government student loan, any credit balance is applied back to your student loan. If additional tuition fees are required, the University will request payment of these fees directly from your student loan.

It is your responsibility to notify StudyLink of any changes made to your course.

If your tuition fees are not being paid by government student loan you will receive a notification asking you to provide a verified bank account number for the refund to be paid into, or if we already have a bank account on file, to confirm it is still valid. The refund will then be processed.

Contact Student Finance through the link at the bottom of the Student Account Summary page in your eVision portal, or email

Further information

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