You can use the map on the Student app to find your way around the Dunedin campus as follows:

  1. Tap the Campus map tile:

    Screenshot of the home screen of the Student App showing the Campus map tile
  2. Click on the Directions button:

    Screenshot showing location of the Directions button on the Campus map
  3. Choose your destination by selecting From and To location. The From Location defaults to your phone's GPS location (if location services are enabled). You can either use a previously bookmarked location, use the Search by location name to find it, or browse the location list. Click on Get Directions:

    Screenshot of the Choose Destination screenScreenshot of the Get Directions screen
  4. This will display a map with a pathway shown:

    Screenshot of campus map showing a pathway to the destination
  5. You can also access directions to a location by clicking on the pop-up details that appear when you select a building from search or on the map:

    Screenshot showing location of the building details pop-up on the Campus map
  6. Click on the Walking Directions button to open a Directions search page with the information pre-populated. Click on Get Directions to display a map with a pathway shown:

    Screenshot showing the Walking Directions link on the individual building details page
Last updated 22/09/2021 09.03 AM

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