The University of Otago Student App allows you to view your timetables, grades, calendar, campus map, and weather on your mobile device. The Student App is a mobile application which needs to be installed on an iPhone or Android device and is not available via the web.

You can download the App from the Student App website:

Student App

Alternately, you can find the Student App in the iTunes/Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store (search for "University of Otago").

Anyone can download the Student App and see:

  • Calendar feeds (for Academic Orientation Week, Public Lectures, and Key Dates)
  • Campus weather
  • Key contacts
  • Links
  • Resources
  • The Dunedin campus map

If you log in to the Student App using your student username and password, you will also be able to view your timetable and grades.

Other campus maps on the Student App

The initial launch of the Student App only includes the Dunedin campus map, however maps for other campuses are being considered for future releases.

Last updated 09/11/2021 09.55 AM

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