All of the University of Otago campuses use the same student printing system, so the general printing information is applicable no matter where you are:

Student printing at Otago

The only difference is that University of Otago Christchurch and University of Otago Wellington have their own print queues which are named differently (although the functionality is the same). The Auckland and Southland campuses use the same print queues as Dunedin.

Dunedin, Auckland, and Southland campuses

Student Desktop print queues:

  • Black and White Printer
  • Colour Printer

@Print Addresses

University of Otago Christchurch

Student Desktop print queues:

  • UOC Black and White Printer
  • UOC Colour Printer

@Print Addresses

University of Otago Wellington

Student Desktop print queues:

  • UOW Black and White Printer
  • UOW Colour Printer

@Print addresses

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