If there is a piece of software you would like to use on the Student Desktop that is not provided in the default and course-specific software, you may be able to request it.

Software available on Student Desktop/Staff Desktop

The software in the list below has been packaged and tested and is ready to be added to your Student Desktop account by filling in the following form:

Student Managed Desktop - Software Installation (Student Request)

If you require other software that is not listed below, this will need to be requested in conjunction with your department who will also need to provide testing and fulfil licensing requirements.

Full list of requestable software:

  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Anki – Spaced repetition flashcard program
  • AppInventor
  • Blender
  • Distance
  • EpiInfo
  • Firefox
  • GeoGebra
  • Gimp
  • Google Earth
  • Google Sketchup
  • Grapher
  • ImageJ
  • ISIS Draw
  • iTunes
  • Jmulti
  • Lyx
  • Mendeley
  • OpenSesame
  • PopG
  • Pratt
  • Publish or Perish
  • Python
  • QuickTime
  • RevMan
  • SAS Suite
  • Scratch
  • SeqMonk
  • SeqTrace
  • Surfer
  • VideoEditor
  • WhiteStar UML

If you think you should have access to a particular application for your course but you can't find it in Student Desktop/Staff Desktop, contact AskOtago:

Tel +64 3 479 7000 or 0800 80 80 98
Email askotago.it@otago.ac.nz

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