Storing your files correctly and safely should be a priority for all students. AskOtago Student IT recommends:

  • Storing files you are currently working on into the H:\ Drive documents folder on the Student Desktop
  • Storing files that you wish to back up, or archiving old files you are no longer working on, into your OneDrive

About H:\ Drive

H:\ Drive is a storage area specific to your Student Desktop. This means that no matter where you log in to your Student Desktop, the files will always be the same. This is handy if you like to work on more than one machine.

H:\ Drive features:

  • 3GB of data storage. This can be increased to 5GB in exceptional circumstances
  • Accessible only through the Student Desktop
  • Fast to access, so good to use for documents you are currently working on.
  • Hosted by the University of Otago

To get to your H:\ Drive click the File Explorer icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your Student Desktop:

Location of the File Explorer icon on the student desktop toolbar

In the File Explorer window, go to the drive named after your student username which has H: in brackets at the end:

Open Windows Explorer window showing location of H:\ Drive

Once you are in your H:\ Drive you might notice a number of folders that were not created by you. Do not delete these folders. These are required by the system. However, feel free to create as many new folders as you wish. The better you organise your file system, the easier finding things will be.


OneDrive is 1TB (terabyte) of online storage that comes with your University enrolment. OneDrive is accessible at any time through the internet, and also through the Student Desktop. This storage space is much larger than your H:\ Drive, but slower to access, so it is good for storing files that you don't need to access regularly.

OneDrive features include:

  • Very large storage space
  • Reliable so a good place to back up important documents
  • Accessible via Student Desktop, StudentMail, and the web
  • Slower to access than your H:\ Drive
  • Hosted externally so may not satisfy confidentiality or security requirements

OneDrive is hosted externally in the cloud. This means you can access your OneDrive anywhere you have access to the internet. Below are the main ways to get to your OneDrive.

Via web browser

You can log in to your OneDrive using a web browser by going to the Microsoft OneDrive website, clicking the Sign In link in the top right of the screen, and entering your full student email address. You will be redirected to the University of Otago login portal:

Microsoft OneDrive

Via the Student Desktop

When you are logged in to your Student Desktop, you can easily access your OneDrive through File Explorer. Click the File Explorer icon at the bottom of your Student Desktop screen:

Location of the File Explorer icon on the student desktop toolbar

In the File Explorer window, click on the OneDrive folder to open and use it:

Location of the OneDrive in Windows Explorer

Via StudentMail

Log in to your StudentMail and click the menu icon in the top left corner. This will reveal a list of all Office 365 Online tools. Click on the OneDrive icon to open your personal OneDrive:

Syncplicity Sync & Share

As a postgraduate student, you can also apply to use the free Syncplicity service. Syncplicity Sync & Share is a file sharing and storage service that:

  • Stores your files securely in the University of Otago data centres
  • Keeps your files securely synchronised and up-to-date across all your computers and devices as well as on the computers of people you've shared them with
  • Allows you to securely access your files online (even when your computer is turned off)

You can request a Syncplicity account by logging in to the Ask IT Customer Portal using your University username and password:

Applying for Syncplicity

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