At the east end of the Dunedin campus (towards Otago Polytechnic), the following computer study spaces are available:

Otago Business School

  • Café
  • Printers
  • Study space (no student computers)
  • Wireless access

Otago Business School entrance (Union Street East):

The main entrance to the Commerce Building

Inside the Otago Business School:

Atrium of the Commerce Building

Plaza CAL

22 Windows computers

Access to the Plaza CAL is via the main entrance doors to University Plaza Building One, the home of University of Otago Pathway and Language Centre. This building is attached to the Forsyth Barr Stadium:

University Plaza Building One

Entrance to University of Otago Pathway and Language Centre:

Entrance to University Plaza Building One

The foyer of University of Otago Pathway and Language Centre. Plaza CAL (G27) is through the doorway at the right:

Foyer of University Plaza Building One

Plaza CAL looking towards the front:

Inside of Plaza CAL

Plaza CAL looking towards the rear:

Inside Plaza CAL

On the first floor of the Plaza building is the Independent Learning Centre (ILC). There are more computers, a student printer, a library, seminar rooms, and study space:

The ILC at University Plaza Building One

There are eStops on the landing of each floor in the Plaza building (12 in all):

An eStop at University Plaza Building One

Robertson Library

The Robertson Library is for both Otago Polytechnic and University of Otago students and contains a seminar room, stand-up eStops, sit-down computers, and free study space. The Robertson Library computers allow both Polytechnic and University students to login.

To switch from one to the other, you will need to press the escape key (Esc) and it will go back to the selection screen where you can choose between the Polytechnic and University logins.

The main entrance to the Robertson Library

Inside the Robertson Library:

Main floor of the Robertson Library

The Robertson seminar room:

Seminar room in the Robertson Library

TCOL-Mac (TG05) and TCOL-PC (TG06) are both located at the base of the College of Education Tower Block and Teaching Wing buildings at 147/155 Union Street East:

Tower Block and Teaching Wing entrance, College of Education

Turn right after entering the main doors and go through the swing doors. Both computer areas can be accessed from this corridor.

TCOL-Mac (TG05)

  • 34 Mac computers
  • Projector
  • There is a high quality sound system installed
  • This lab specialises in music software (Sibelius, ProTools, etc.) You can access the PC desktop from these computers by going to


23 Windows computers

If you notice any problems please contact AskStudent IT in person at the AskOtago Central Hub, Dunedin campus, or:

Tel +64 3 479 5170
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