If you downloaded Microsoft 365 for your computer from the University to use during your study, your subscription ends when your StudentMail is disabled. If you want to keep using Microsoft 365, you will need to buy a personal copy from Microsoft.

If you are not sure whether your copy of Microsoft 365 is University-provided:

Checking if Microsoft 365 is University-provided

You can purchase your own copy of Microsoft 365 for personal use, home use, or business use. Microsoft 365 provides you with online application access, as well as OneDrive storage, for a yearly subscription fee.

Alternatively you can buy the Office Suite (Office 2019) as a one-off purchase and have the full suite of Microsoft software applications installed on one computer to use indefinitely. However, you will not receive any updates or have access to online services. See the Microsoft website for more information and pricing:

Buy Microsoft 365 Family and Personal Subscriptions, and Office 2019

You cannot transfer information directly between your student Microsoft 365 OneDrive account and your new personal account. You will need to download, then re-upload, your files.

For further assistance, contact AskStudent IT in person at the AskOtago Central Hub, Dunedin campus, or:

Tel +64 3 479 5170
Email student.it@otago.ac.nz
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