The University of Otago treats electric scooters in the same way as bicycles:

  • All scooter riders need to dismount on the central Dunedin campus as the campus is a busy pedestrian area, particularly when large groups of students are simultaneously moving between lectures
  • Scooters cannot be brought into buildings or charged on campus as they can become hazards and any costs would fall on the University, which would be inappropriate when it is predominantly funded by the Government and student fees
  • It is strongly recommended that scooter riders take care of their own safety by wearing a helmet to help prevent injuries

Helmet hire

The University is keen to make sure staff and students using electric scooters have access to safety gear so have devised a scheme which allows the free pick-up and drop-off of bike helmets at all Union shops and cafes with presentation of staff or student ID cards.

Helmets for use on electric scooters are now available for free hire at seven University Union outlets:

Last updated 05/11/2021 04.43 PM

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