When you are using resources accessed through the Tuakiri Federation system, some information about you needs to be released to third parties. Privacy laws require that you give your consent to release your information (for example, when you need to sign a release when filling out a form which states the information to be collected, what it will be used for, and who it might be shared with).

When you are transferred to the University of Otago Federated Login Page (the Tuakiri login) and you have clicked Continue after entering your username and password, you will be shown a "digital ID card" which lists the information that will be released about you to the third party. You will be given the option to tick a checkbox stating Don't show me this page again. I agree that my Digital ID Card (possibly including more data than shown above) will be sent automatically in the future before continuing.

Digital ID cards

However, privacy law states that you need to be able to revoke your consent if desired, and this is what the "Clear my attribute release consent" message means. If you tick this first checkbox, any previous blanket consent you have given will be revoked and you will be prompted to accept the digital ID card again.

Please note that when you tick the checkbox consenting to the attribute release, you are consenting that it can be released to ANY service provider. If you don’t tick the box, you are consenting only to the STATED service provider.

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