Please see the Tuakiri NZ Access Federation Service Catalogue for the list of currently connected services and service providers that use the Tuakiri Federation system:

Tuakiri Service Catalogue

Some services provided by an institution may not be enabled for access via the Tuakiri Federation system.

It is currently not possible to use the Tuakiri Federation system to access non web-based services. This is because the Shibboleth technology (the system used by the Tuakiri Federation to allow "single sign-on" for verification and control of access for users outside the organisation) can only support access to web-based resources. For example, access to files using FTP is not possible. ITS will advise of any developments in this area.

You can only access services inside from the federation that the University of Otago belongs to (the Tuakiri NZ Access Federation). The Shibboleth system is used by all members of the Tuakiri NZ Access Federation and by many other federations around the world, such as the Australian Access Federation (AAF). Work is underway at Tuakiri to collaborate with other federations around the world, which would allow current staff and students at the University of Otago access to worldwide resources. ITS will advise when this is possible.

Last updated 05/11/2021 10.06 AM

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