To access information using the Tuakiri Federation system, you first need to check that the external service you are trying to access uses the Tuakiri system to verify credentials.

The Tuakiri NZ Access Federation Service Catalogue provides a list of currently connected services and service providers:

Tuakiri Service Catalogue

Some services provided by an institution may not be enabled for access via the Tuakiri Federation system.

When you access a web-based service provided by a service provider (SP) of the Tuakiri federation, for example a restricted-access website at another university:

  1. You are redirected to a Tuakiri page asking you which institution you are from. Select University of Otago.
  2. You are redirected to the University of Otago IdP login page, where you log in using your University of Otago username and password. The Shibboleth system will supply a digital ID card to the service provider. This is an electronic statement telling the service provider that you have been authenticated, which releases some information about you such as your name and whether you are a staff member or student.
  3. If you meet the access requirements that the service provider has set (e.g. only staff at the University of Otago are allowed access) your access to the resource will be granted.

Difference between an Identity Provider (IdP) and a Service Provider (SP)

An Identity Provider (IdP) in the Tuakiri Federation system allows an institution’s members to be identified.

A Service Provider (SP) grants Tuakiri Federation members access to online resources such as:

  • Applications
  • Collaboration environments
  • Databases
  • Grids
  • Library repositories
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