Steps you should undertake to prepare for your IT access to be removed can be found in the related answer: Finalising access to IT services before leaving Otago.

When you finish studying at the University of Otago, your access to your StudentMail account and Microsoft 365 will be removed. This is because former students are not eligible for the free Microsoft 365 licensing used by the University. Additionally, unused student email accounts are a security risk as compromised accounts are a frequent source of malicious email attacks.

This does not affect you if you:

  • Are enrolled in the current or a future academic year
  • Are eligible to attend your graduation ceremony
  • Have your "Access to Resources" flag set to Yes in eVision 

Once your access is disabled, you will not be able to log into your StudentMail account or access files stored on your OneDrive. Any email rules you have set up in your StudentMail (e.g., any redirections set up to another email address) will also be deleted.

If you are affected by this you will be sent email messages to advise you about the upcoming removal of access. These will include the date your access will be disabled (a 3-week notice period will be given, then a 1-week reminder), the actions you can take, and where you can get further information/help.

If you have received these emails and require ongoing access to your Studentmail or Microsoft 365 for academic reasons, contact AskOtago:

Tel +64 3 479 7000 or 0800 80 80 98

Removal of StudentMail/Microsoft 365 access and re-enrolment

If you are planning to re-enrol and access to your StudentMail/Microsoft 365 account is scheduled to be disabled, you will need to do so in eVision before the account disable date. Otherwise your student email and Microsoft 365 access will be removed as per the email you received.

Only have a StudentMail email account

If you don't have another email account and have been advised that your StudentMail account is to be disabled, please talk to AskOtago about creating and moving your email to another email provider (e.g. Gmail, Microsoft):

Tel 0800 80 80 98 or +64 3 479 7000

Requiring access to your StudentMail account after completion of study

If you think you need ongoing access to your StudentMail account for academic purposes, email your request to AskOtago:

If you have a valid reason, you may be allowed continued access to student resources such as your StudentMail.

If you are undertaking research or work for the University and use your StudentMail email address as your main point of contact, discuss this with your supervisor. If this is paid work, you will also have a staff username with a staff email account. If this is unpaid, a staff account might still be used, or an external account may be requested, depending on the arrangement you have with the University.

Using StudentMail to log in to your computer

If you log in to your computer using your StudentMail account, you will need to change this before your access to StudentMail is removed. Contact AskStudent IT as they will need to help you create a new local account and copy the profile information from the StudentMail account:

Tel +64 3 479 5170
Message us on Facebook
Or visit AskStudent IT at the AskOtago Central Hub

If you later sign up for personal/home Microsoft 365, you can choose to use that new Microsoft account as your computer login:

Getting a personal copy of Microsoft 365

Further information

Information for students leaving Otago

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