Research grant deadlines

See the most recent update of the Research News newsletter for upcoming deadlines for funding opportunities:

Funding opportunities

Contact your research adviser for more information:

University of Otago, Dunedin Research Advisers

Health Sciences Research Advisers
Science, Commerce and Humanities Research Advisers

University of Otago, Christchurch Research Advisers

Christchurch Research Advisers

University of Otago, Wellington Research Advisers

Wellington Research Advisers

Funding opportunities

The Research and Enterprise website lists upcoming funding opportunities for academic staff. You can also find information about subscribing to the Researchinfo mailing list, which will email you research opportunities weekly.

Funding opportunities

Costings and Consents Worksheet (CCW)

A University of Otago Costings and Consents Worksheet (CCW) is required for all applications, signed by the applicant, their Head of Department/Resource Centre and their Dean/PVC, in accordance with University policy on externally-funded research. Please use the latest version which can be downloaded from the Research and Enterprise forms and guidelines repository:

Forms and guidelines

For advice on the use of the CCW to develop costings for your project, please contact your research adviser.

Contacts — Research Advisers

The University Policy Document on Externally Funded Research outlines both the need for and the usage of the CCW.

Externally Funded Research Policy and Application Procedures
Other Research Related Policies

Staff are reminded that every application for external research funding must come through Research and Enterprise, via your research adviser. If you are not sure, please contact Research and Enterprise who will be able to advise you. All grant applications and proposals should be submitted by academic staff. Please inform your research adviser if you intend to apply as principal investigator for any contestable funding, whether advertised here or not, at the beginning of the development of your application. Similarly if you have been approached by researchers at another institution/organisation to collaborate on a funding proposal where Otago is not the lead institution and/or is not submitting the proposal.

Further information

Contact Research and Enterprise with any questions about research funding and grants at Otago:

Contact Research and Enterprise

Divisional research funding pages:

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