With the rollout of Microsoft 365, the University is moving to OneDrive as the preferred cloud storage solution. You can find information about OneDrive here:

Using OneDrive
OneDrive for University staff

Before Syncplicity Sync & Share starts to synchronise the files and folders that you add to Syncplicity across your different computers/devices, it will check the on-disk information for each one. If it sees the same files on multiple computers/devices, it will do nothing. If it finds files that exist on one computer/device but not on another, it will synchronise them so they appear on all computers/devices.

If it finds files that have the same name but different contents, it will consider them conflicted and resolve the problem—see the related answer Conflicting file versions in Syncplicity for more information about this.

Last updated 03/11/2021 04.26 PM

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