With the rollout of Microsoft 365, the University is moving to OneDrive as the preferred cloud storage solution. You can find information about OneDrive here:

Using OneDrive
OneDrive for University staff

Syncplicity Sync & Share provides many security controls to keep your data safe, synchronised across your devices and only shared with those you authorise:

  • When you use Syncplicity Sync & Share, your files and information about them are transmitted using the same strong encryption methods banks and government institutions use (SSL)
  • Syncplicity Sync & Share authentication is linked to the University of Otago’s central identity management system and uses your University username and password
  • In the University of Otago data centres, each version of a Syncplicity file is encrypted using high-grade encryption (AES-256) when stored or transmitted. The unique encryption key used in this process is stored at another location as an additional security precaution
  • When someone receives a file, there are verification steps at multiple points in the system to ensure that they are authorised to do so
  • File sharing links are "time-boxed", meaning that for security reasons, file sharing links are only active for two or seven days depending on the security policy applied to your account
  • Remote data wiping capability is available in case your mobile device is lost or stolen
  • All activities in Syncplicity Sync & Share are permanently logged and this information can be reported on. No one can alter audit data

User, directory, and file names are securely stored in the Syncplicity cloud overseas, while all file data is only ever stored in University of Otago storage or on client devices/desktops.

Last updated 03/11/2021 04.25 PM

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