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Syncplicity Sync & Share allows you to set different access privileges for the people you share folders with:

Editor: can add, edit, delete files
Reader: can only open files

Unless you have explicitly asked Syncplicity to share a file or folder, no one else will have access to your files.

If you need to change someone's access privileges to your folders (e.g. to remove their access, or switch from Reader to Editor):


  1. Right-click on the shared folder on your desktop
  2. Click on Syncplicity > Share Folder in the menu


  1. Control+click on the shared folder on your desktop
  2. Click on Share > Share with Syncplicity in the menu (you may need to click More at the end of the menu to see Share with Syncplicity)

Your My.Syncplicity page will open in a new browser window. Log in, then click on the Manage tab to see a list of current participants and their access privileges to the shared folder. Change the access as required and click Save.


  1. Find the folder in the Syncplcity app and tap the three vertical dots to the right of the folder, then tap Share
  2. Go to the Manage tab at the top to modify access privileges

The Syncplicity Sharing and Permissions video has more detailed information about folder sharing and permissions:

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