With the rollout of Microsoft 365, the University is moving to OneDrive as the preferred cloud storage solution. You can find information about OneDrive here:

Using OneDrive
OneDrive for University staff

Syncplicity Sync & Share does not support synchronisation of folders that are stored on a network file share, including redirected folders in a virtual desktop environment such as My Documents on the University of Otago staff desktop (please check with your departmental IT support staff if you are not sure whether your folders are being redirected).

This is because these folders have their own file locking, versioning, access rules and information that Syncplicity is not able to access, which means that Syncplicity cannot accurately determine the state of the files in these folders and cannot safely or reliably synchronise them or share them with others.

Syncplicity Support—About file synchronization on external drives

ITS does not recommend installing Syncplicity Sync & Share on network drives.

Last updated 03/11/2021 09.14 AM

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