The purpose of this funding is to allow you to attend and "present" (either a paper or poster) at international conferences. This funding is available only once during your tenure of study.

Each division administers the funding and may have additional guidelines regarding eligibility. You must also provide a report to the division on your return outlining your participation and the benefit this had on your studies.

Some departments may also have additional funding available to assist with extra funding requests.

For information about booking travel, refer to the current University travel planning procedure

Division of Health Sciences

  • A maximum of $2000
  • You can apply at any time but must be at least two months before the travel
  • You mustn't have exceeded 4.0 EFT years at the time of conference attendance
  • If you meet the other eligibility criteria but have already submitted a thesis which is still under examination, you may apply for funding to attend a conference that takes place within six months of the date of the first submission of the thesis

University of Otago, Wellington Postgraduate Research Student Support

Sometimes referred to as the "Postgraduate Special Fund" this is available to all PhD and Masters' Thesis students enrolled at the University of Otago Wellington. Closing dates currently are 28 February, 31 July and 31 October.

Contact Trevor Williams for details:

Further information

Division of Health Sciences - PhD travel grants

Division of Humanities

  • A maximum of $2,500
  • If you are not a 100% Humanities student, you will be eligible for a pro rata amount
  • It is expected that you will seek the cheapest airfare where practical and stay at budget accommodation
  • Conference funding is not available for workshops and collaborative meetings, and normally only one conference per trip is eligible for funding
  • The paper being presented must be directly related to your research for the current thesis (but the substance of the paper cannot have already been published or be under review for publication)
  • Your paper must be presented at least six months before the PhD is complete (if your thesis has been submitted, no funding will be provided)

Further information

Humanities PhD Conference Funding (DOC 63KB)

Division of Commerce/School of Business

  • A maximum of $2500 (to enable all PhD students to present their work at international conferences during the period of study)
  • Further conference travel and fieldwork support may be available from your department

Further information

Speak to the department administrator and your supervisor for further information specific to each department.

Division of Sciences

  • PhD students are eligible for up to $2,000 over the course of their programme (not per year) for assistance to present a paper/poster at a conference
  • It is preferred that the candidate present at a conference before submission of their thesis, however if the student has submitted a thesis which is still under examination, they may apply for funding to attend a conference that takes place within six months of the date of the first submission of the thesis
  • Funding may be pro-rated based on their EFTS split. For example, a student who is supervised 80% with Sciences and 20% with Humanities would only be eligible for 80% of the $2,000

Please apply using the form available on the Division of Sciences website.

Further information

Doctoral scholarships
Graduate Research School

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