If you need to merge two existing accounts in My eQuals (e.g. your personal email account and your student email account), click the Link another email button under the Profile settings from either account and add the other account's email address.

Adding another email address in My eQuals

Once you click the Add button, you will be taken to the My eQuals login page. Log in using the email of the account you want to keep as the main account. You will see a message saying that this email address is already registered to another My eQuals account but you can merge them.

First merge suggestion in My eQuals

Once you have logged in, the merge request prompt will show. Click the Merge button to merge both accounts. This change is permanent.

Merge request prompt in My eQuals

Since My eQuals is not run by the University of Otago, your password for My eQuals may be different to your Otago password. If you need to change your My eQuals password, do this by using the "Can't sign in?" link on the My eQuals login page.

Last updated 28/07/2021 03.26 PM

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