With the rollout of Microsoft/Office 365, the University is moving to OneDrive as the preferred cloud storage solution. You can find information about OneDrive here:

Using OneDrive
OneDrive for University staff

"Special folders" include the following on your computer:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Favorites

They are considered "special" because Syncplicity recognises them as the folder of that type on all your devices. This can be problematic because if you add a special folder to a Syncplicity account, the contents of that special folder will be merged across all devices with special folders of the same type. For example, your Documents folder on your work Mac computer will be merged with the Documents folder on your home PC computer if both are linked to the same Syncplicity account. This can lead to undesirable and unexpected results.

Additionally, the ownership of special folders cannot be transferred from one account to another. So if you leave your current role and want your Syncplicity folders transferred to your replacement and these include a special folder, the special folder can only be transferred if your account is deleted. This is an issue if you’re moving to another role within the University and want to keep your Syncplicity account.

Special folders are unselected by default when your Otago Syncplicity account is created but the option of adding them to Syncplicity after your account is set up is still available. ITS recommends that you avoid adding any special folders to Syncplicity.

Last updated 02/11/2021 10.43 AM

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